Lore Might Survive – 2D Action RPG.

It is a story about Striver. He is a warrior and a ranger fighting with monsters from slavic, germanic and nordic mythology pantheons. Main hero will encounter mythical bests, giants and undead. Striver will dedicate to his mission. How much will he sacrifice?

Develop skills, as your playstyle tells you. Chose between might, survival and lore skills. Do what you must, to live another day, as your journey will demand.

Brief introduction to characters:

Striver, protagonist:

Striver was a hunter from his early years of life. As a teen he fought in Lord Mainfryd’s warrior company. He was chosen to be Brenna’s ranger on account of his great clevernes, endurance and self-sufficiency. He is self confident and sometimes sarcastic. In gameplay character fights with melee weapons (sword, axe, spear) and manoeuvres between enemys. He has deep knowledge about traps and confusing monsters. Striver uses distance weapons like bows, javelins, hand bombs, fire and poison arrows.

art by Marta Raźniewska , http://www.razniewska.com/

Lore Might Survive – early game prototype, May 2016.

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