Game Prototypes, Feb. 2017
Game engine: Unity
2D Animation: SpriterPro, Unity

List of content:
1)  Level design, FPP, based on Lovecraft prose
2) 3D viking character, animations and interaction controllers
3) 3D protagonist, AI, animations and interaction controllers
4) Hand gesture interaction with particle effects, LeapMotion
5) 2D Action, Platformer -> prototype for Lore Might Survive game, check “LMS GAME” page in menu above
6) 2D Action Fighting game prototype -> White Shinobi

Nov 12, 2015 Game Prototypes
Game engine: Unity

List of content:
1) 3D viking character, animations and interaction controllers
2) 2D top-down game prototype, integrated dialogue system
3) 2D side scroller prototype
4) 3D, FPP, Survival Island game prototype

Dec 5, 2015 Unity AI example – waypoints
AI with zombie character animations and interactions. FPS and editor view.

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