“Scripting Animations Examples – for Spriter Pro” package is on the Unity Asset Store

my unity package connects SpriterPro’s API with an MIT-licensed Finite State Machine (AI) and some other code for a 2D combat game. Amongst others, the package has a player character and few AI enemies. All is playable and can be used as a template for 2D action games / platformers / fighting games.

ASSET STORE LINK – click for more information about the asset

I mentioned about SpriterPro’s API. SpriterPro is an animation software for 2D skeletal/bone/modular animation. It is a great tool for creating game animations. SpriterPro was created by BrashMonkey. You can get more information about SpriterPro and BrashMonkey by clicking on this link

You can go to my “Unity Assets” subpage for more information by clicking this link.